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Anysun Underwater Fish Finder

Anysun underwater fish finder is a portable underwater fishing camera that records video and depth data on real-time while submerged. It is made with a waterproof camera body and cameraacket to make underwater fishing easier and faster. The finder also has a depth temperature range from -10 to 50 degrees celsius, letting you set the camera to record in the specific weather conditions you need.

Anysun Underwater Fish Finder Amazon

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Anysun Underwater Fish Finder Walmart

The anysun underwater fish finder is a great tool for enjoying fish life under the bright light of a sunny day. The camera can track and monitor your fish life under water, or in your boat or boat cockpit. With its portable video camera and data storage, the anysun is perfect for using with fishing tours or personal fishing trips. The finder has a waterproof design that will not make your fishing trip any more difficult to take. Additionally, the finder has a depth temperature display that allows you to read the water's temperature in degrees all around your area. anysun is a portable underwater fishing camera that lets you see through the water up to 50 feet deep. It's with depth temperature display that you can set the level of visibility to any depth of water. With this tool, you can even catch cervids while down below. It can record and live track your aquatic creatures. The camera also has a built in camera for video capture.