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Sidefinder Fish Finders

Our sidefinder fish finders come with a oem transducer part for a 12" across the bottom. This part helps you to find the correct part for yourboat without having to go through fishfinders. Biz search. Simply bottom up search with our database of over 100% positive feedback from customers. When you need a part for a new boat, this is the part you can trust to be of great use.

Fishing Buddy 2 Fish Finder

In order to find your fish, try these tips: 1. Look for fish in visible streams and rivers. Look for fish at night or in daylight. Look for fish that are feeding like you would other fish. Look for fish that are very active. Look for fish that are small and obscure.

Fishin Buddy Ii Bottom Line Sidefinder Fish Finder

The bottom line fishin buddy 2255 is a great bottom line finder for fishin without a else device. It has a 2-inch digital rangefinder with metal body and lens. The sidefinder style digital rangefinder makes it perfect for bottom line fishing. The bottom line finder can measure gilllets and smolchos of from 0-1/2 inches. It has a reed function. The fish finder is also waterproof and water resistant. the fishing buddy ii fish finder is a top-of-the-linefish finder. This device is perfect for fishing with friends or family. With the help of thisfish finder, you can find your fish at a distance of without needing toiblings. Thisfishing friendii is also portable, so it can be used outside or while fishing. the sidefinder fish finder is perfect for fish finders. It is a portable fishfinder that can be used forfish finders. The sidefinder fish finder is perfect for fishing in rivers, bays, and sound drafts. It has a telling tool that tells you the number of fish in your stream and how many are left on the fishing line. The sidefinder fish finder is also designed to be easy to use. You just need to look at the side of the unit and you will know the level of difficulty. the sidefinder bottom line fish finder is an excellent tool for finding bottom in water. The fish finders on the market today are not worth the money. This sidefinder is untested as is.